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The flea bite is a real pain for your pets. Besides, these small insects can also bite humans sometimes. To get rid of them from your premise, hire our expert flea control Tarneit team. At Pest Control Tarneit we offer professional and cost-effective flea control and other insect extermination service. Our rich experience makes us one of the best choices for flea pest control in Tarneit. We serve in all the locations of Tarneit and nearby. There are various benefits of hiring our service such as: 

  • We have a local and experienced flea controller team.
  • We provide cheap flea treatment for cats and dogs. 
  • The customer service we provide is hassle-free.
  • Our experts treat fleas using eco-friendly solutions.
  • Modern flea control techniques are applied.
  • We hold a proper license to provide flea control and other insect control services in Tarneit.

Signs To Identify Fleas

Fleas are small insects mostly found on domestic animals. Besides, they cause skin allergens to your pets. It is important to check for the signs of flea and get rid of them immediately to avoid skin infection. There are various ways through which you can check for flea infestation such as: 

  • Flea bite symptoms: There are various symptoms of flea bite such as rash, swelling, fever, weakness, weight loss, and many more. So, if you are noticing any such symptoms then for a quick flea inspection.
  • Physical Appearance Of A Flea: Fleas are tiny and wingless insects. Moreover, you can identify them easily with their flattened spines.
  • Other Facts: Fleas can live for long without feeding themselves. Also, they can jump 13 inches far. Besides, their lifecycle is very flexible.
  • Cat Flea: Cat fleas keep on moving and jumping around the pets. Also, they reside inside the bedding area of cats. 
  • Dog Flea: To check the fleas on a dog, you need to be active enough. You can directly check for fleas on the parts of the body where your dog is continuously scratching. 
  • Human Flea: Flea also bites humans. If you are noticing swelling or red spots on your skin then there might be human flea around.

What To Do If You Have Discovered The Flea In Your Home?

If you think you have fleas at home, then you need to follow some basic things to get rid of them. If the infestation is small then you can get rid of it by DIY methods. However, if the flea infestation is large enough, then consider hiring professionals to get rid of them thoroughly. Below are the tips to follow for flea treatment for house. 

  • Use pet-friendly sprays to kill the fleas.
  • Wash your pet bedding using hot water and detergent every few days.
  • Using a flea shampoo, bath your pet.
  • You can also try a flea comb to get rid of them from your pet’s body.
  • Go for safe insecticides to kill fleas as well as their eggs.

Professional Flea Control Procedure We Use

The flea treatment we follow will give you peace of mind. Besides, our Flea Control Tarneit has specially designed the most effective method to get rid of fleas. We have the latest pest control equipment and a highly skilled team to give you total care flea control. Here are 3 main steps we follow to give you a long-lasting and quality flea control solution. 

  • Detailed Inspection: Our flea control procedure starts with an in-depth inspection. Our flea exterminator will check your place to get a clear idea about the size of the flea infestation. Also, we plan the treatment according to the extent of flea infestation on your premise.
  • Physical control and removal of Fleas: According to the habitat of fleas, we give the human flea control service. We have an expert team who carefully removes the fleas from your place using appropriate psychical methods. Also, our team use suitable cat fleas treatment and dog flea removal methods. 
  • Chemical Treatments: If the flea infestation is large we follow the flea fumigation process. Our chemical treatments are safe for your pets as well as your family. Moreover, we also give prevention tips to help our clients avoid flea infestation in the future. 

We Provide Hassle-free Same Day Flea Control Service In Tarneit

If you are searching for professional flea controllers to get service on the same day, then you are at the right place. Our local flea control Tarneit is available to give you our service on the day you do the booking. Besides, we are trusted by lakhs of Tarniet residents for same-day flea control needs. Our charges for same-day flea control service are also very nominal. We aim to give superior customer service to our clients so we work hard for it. Moreover, we give permanent flea control solutions to our clients in Tarneit. To experience our super fast and quality service, reach out to us today. 


Do you provide carpet flea testament in Tarneit?

Yes, we can treat almost all kinds of fleas. Our expert team uses proven techniques to get rid of carpet fleas. Call us today to book our carpet flea treatments in Tarneit. 

Do you safe solution spraying for fleas?

Yes, our spraying solutions are pet-friendly and kid-friendly. Our customized flea control solutions cause no harm to humans as well as pets. So, you can rely on us for the safest flea control service. 

What is the process of booking your service?

You can fill out the contact us form and our team will call you back to confirm your booking. Moreover, you can also directly call us and make an appointment according to your need and availability. Also, we give free quotations over call. 

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